What is a voucher? A voucher is a coupon for $70 off a spay/neuter.

Who gives vouchers? City of Midland, Midland County, Martin County Animal Advocates, Mile High Canine Rescue Stop the Cycle Voucher

City of Midland Spay/Neuter Voucher- To claim a City of Midland voucher, you must live within the City limits. Please follow the link below to find out additional requirements and to start your request for a voucher.

Midland County Voucher- To claim a Midland County voucher, you must live in Midland County but outside the city's limits. You must bring proof of residence to the Clinic on the day of your appointment, along with proof of vaccinations and microchip to receive $70 off your total bill. If your animal does not have current vaccinations and/or a microchip, you may get those at the time of your appointment. For feral cats, no microchip is necessary. Instead, the cat will receive an ear tip.

Martin County Animal Advocates- Please contact Ruth Reid with Martin County Animal Advocates via Facebook for voucher information.

Mile High Canine Rescue Stop the Cycle Voucher- To claim a voucher, you must have a financial need (cannot afford our regular low prices). This voucher will cover up to the full cost of a spay/neuter, vaccinations, 4DX test and a microchip. To make the most of this program, we ask that you contribute what you can towards the cost of services and the voucher will cover the remainder.