Impact in Our Community

From January 2020 to September 2020, we have performed over 2,200 spay and neuter procedures at our Fix West Texas Mobile MASH Clinics. These procedures have directly prevented over 16,800 unwanted births in our community.

We have also provided over 3000 vaccinations through our Mobile MASH Clinics and our Drive-Thru Vaccination Clinics. These vaccinations have directly contributed to the overall health of our local pet population.

We feel we are quickly becoming the go-to resource for low-cost pet wellness services. Our community not only needs us, but supports us and is happy we are here to meet their needs. We feel when we help a pet through our clinics, we are establishing a new standard of care for all future pets that the pet owner will ever have.

We have learned first hand pet owners love their pets and we believe when given the opportunity, pet owners want the best for their animals. We are committed to continuing to give pet owners the opportunity.